It Is Business as Always For Pinterest Chief Post The IPO

At the time Andrea Mallard began her new position as the first CMO or chief officer of marketing for Pinterest last November, little did she know that the organization was gearing up to make an IPO.

Soon after joining the team, Mallard got to know of the plans of the company to gain public listing. It happened 6 months later, which led to Pinterest being valued at approximately $13 billion. While in conversation with CNBC at France’s International Creativity Festival of Cannes Lions on Tuesday, Mallard compared the situation to stepping upon an activity-filled rocket ship and knowing how to be ready for the event.

According to Mallard, they resumed normal business in a more amazing way after they finished with the IPO mechanics. She called the process a wonderful experience, which brought her clarity of understanding the roots and future plans of the company.

Mallard’s focus stayed on whatever was correct for Pinterest, instead of investor audience. She considers it more important to do right things when it comes to business rather than pondering over market impact initially. Subsequently, this approach ends up benefiting the investors as well. So even if the audience base is new for contemplation, it doesn’t change Mallard’s behavior.

Mallard had left Athleta to join Pinterest. The former is a Gap-owned sportswear brand for women. Co-founder of Pinterest, Evan Sharp invited her to a conversation after he saw a video of Mallard speaking at some conference held in Spain. She had gone along, with plans of discussing Athleta’s advertising. However, after several conversations, Mallard had felt the inclination of working for the organization.

Mallard had come to love both the company and its mission, realizing that it was just the right organization for her to work in. Her job role entails creating a global brand of iconic nature, by gathering more people to use the platform, who are called “pinners”.

Jack Flores

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