Launch of the First 5G Phone for 1300 Dollars

On Thursday, Verizon had started to sell the first ever 5G set of Samsung Galaxy S10. This happens to be the first device that supports their new 5G network. It goes to follow the Motorola Z3 that also runs on 5G network. Now, that would only happen if people buy an additional accessory of $200, which enables it. Verizon had started off in activating their 5G network with places including Minneapolis and Chicago. They had promised download speed of up to 1Gbps. The speed happens to be 10 times faster than people might expect on a 4G LTE phone at this point in time.

As a response to the confusion created through earlier reviews, Verizon came out with the explanation and said that unlike the 4G LTE phones, the manner in which a device tells people that it has coverage is quite different. It would only come up with 4G LTE till they try to use 5G and after that, the symbol denoting 5G network would go away. Verizon said this would change in a couple of years’ time but it could be quite confusing for consumers who are used to look for coverage by making use of the icon on their phones.

The Galaxy S10 5G is a much larger version of the Galaxy S10+. It has got a bigger 6.7-inch screen along with six camera lenses, which includes a special 3D depth-sensing lens, which is not available on the regular Galaxy S10+ phone. Verizon would sell two models of the Galaxy S10 5G, which includes a $1299 version and a $1399 model that contains two times the storage capacity. The phone would run on 5G if customers also sign up for their Above Unlimited or Beyond Unlimited plans. They cost $95 and $85 per month respectively for one particular line.

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