One Ton of Hot Dogs Are Recalled Due To Worries Regarding Metal Pieces

The Memorial Day weekend is coming up. This happens to be the unofficial start of the grilling season. Now, only a few days before the weekend, Vienna Beef has recalled 2030 pounds of beef hot dogs due to worries that they could contain metal pieces. The business based in Chicago, which is 126 years old, had realized the problem and went on to report it to the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. This was stated by the USDA on its website.

The Vice President of Marketing for Vienna Beef, Tom McGlade said that a total of 203 packages, weighing 10 pounds each of beef frankfurters had got sold to restaurants in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. They were not available directly to the consumer through supermarkets or online grocery stores. McGlade even added that the company had managed to collect all the affected packages of hot dogs. Still, the USDA notice on recall clearly indicates that the food-safety officials of the government are worried about the fact that some product might be in food service refrigerators or freezers. The Food Safety and Inspection Service was not available for comment.

This is not the first time that any US Food Company has recalled food items over the fear of metal in them. Earlier this month, US Food Processor, Tyson Foods had made a recall of 11.8 million pounds, around 5.3m kg of frozen chicken strips. Six individuals had complained after coming across pieces of metals in the products. Three of them had suffered injuries to their mouths as well. Tyson Foods had even recalled 36000 pounds of chicken nuggets in the month of January over fears related to rubber contamination. So, action on the part of Vienna Beef is a desirable one.

Lloyd Evenson

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