Samsung Patent Hints Rollable Handset Displays

Samsung is still finding a way how to roll out its innovative Galaxy Fold, which is surrounded with durability problems and with no launch date. But that has not stopped it from visioning up new handset designs, comprising a compelling patent for a handset with a rollable screen.

This patent displays a handset that seems fairly conventional at a first glimpse. But it is really hiding a covert rollable screen within, and the top housing has the selfie camera and earpiece appears capable of extending outward from the handset, making for a display with huge aspect ratio.

The handset in the patent seems unclearly similar to the BlackBerry Priv, except rather than exposing a helpful QWERTY keyboard, you get a very tall display that is the size of a Rite Aid receipt.

Rollable screens are not impossible. LG is launching its rollable OLED screen to market in 2019, and Corning claims that it is making development on bendable glass for handsets. Although, for what Samsung is showing in its patent, we are still possibly years away from viewing tech similar to this in phones.

Convincing as this patent is, there is also the question of how strong a handset like this might even be, what with a sliding technique that can be as weak to debris as the Galaxy Fold is.

On a related note, Galaxy S10 5G by Samsung is finally all set to roll out on a US network apart from Verizon, although you may not need to plan a buyout still yet. AT&T has declared that the S10 5G will be accessible this month, but only for 5G developers and Business clients comprised in the development program of the carrier. You will otherwise have to use one of the LTE Galaxy S10 devices, as per media reports.

Jack Flores

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