‘Terraton Initiative’: Going Back To Soil To Reduce Carbon Imprint

Natural microbiology is the new way to go if one has to combat global climate change; this is an idea purported by Indigo Agriculture, a start-up based in Boston and the launch of ‘Terraton Initiative’ was their first step in this context.

They aim to hasten carbon seizure from farm soil in huge amounts setting a goal of sequestering carbon dioxide of 1 trillion metric tons from 3.6 billion acres of global agriculture-land. This will be done through a marketplace that motivates farmers through incentives to adopt restorative agricultural practices.

Some of the practices advocated under this technique include cover cropping, minimal soil cultivation, and crop rotations, use of lesser fertilizers and chemicals and incorporation of livestock grazing. These enable greater amounts of carbon dioxide to be seized by the soil and lesser amounts released into the atmosphere.

Indigo Agriculture who has spearheaded this movement has devised several incentives and awards to motivate and increase the number of farmers under its fold. Their partnerships with Soil health Institute, The Rodale Institute and the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium will help them in their endeavor.

The effort also includes undertaking a study on a massive scale which will involve following farmlands for ten years or so and quantifying agricultural practices that give maximum soil carbon seizure for better understanding of their impact. This will ensure good crop nutrition and increased profitability for farms and become the basis for maximization of soil carbon seizure.

To start with, about 10,000 grower clients will be initiated through the company’s agronomists and account managers. Entrepreneurs and innovators will be called to create innovative technologies in this context. The idea is to promote techniques of sustainable farming across the globe and push more companies to go carbon neutral.

Indigo says that their effort will bring about a revolution in farming and they are ready to face any challenges that may come their way including monetary obstacles.

Jack Flores

Jack is a budding reporter and has an interest in covering Health news.  He travels often in search of legitimate news in the healthcare industry. Besides being a full-time reporter, he loves to collect currencies and coins from different countries and showcases the collection in various exhibitions.