Dead Cells Is Coming Across To Mobile Phones This Summer

People would soon manage to hack well as slash their way through the changing castle of Dead Cells on mobile. The roguelike Metroidvania hit from Motion Twin is coming over to the iOS this summer and later on in Android. It was back in August 2018 when it made its arrival on consoles after going through a spell in early access on Steam. The interface is getting redesigned for mobile. One would be able to customize the size along with the position of the controls and swipe to avoid attacks. This should prove to be quite useful in one’s attempts to avoid permanent death and the resulting loss of progress and items.

People would also have some other touch control options as well. In addition to all these, it will contain an MFi external controller support. Plus, there will be an auto-hit mode and support for 11 languages. On iOS, the cost of Dead Cells will be $9.99. The game developer of Indie, Motion Twin has forged a partnership with publisher Playdigious to bring about the cult hit, Dead Cells to mobile devices. The release on mobile phones will start off with the launch on iOS for iPhone and iPad during this summer. This would be followed up by its release on Android sometime later.

The mobile version of Dead Cells has a completely revamped and customized interface. It also has MFI controller support and contains no micro-transactions. One would require to pay up an amount in order to download this particular game on your mobile phone. Still, there will not be any kinds of free to play or for that matter, and pay to win transactions. These can be extremely annoying for all those who play and this is indeed a bonus.

Dean High

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