The Three Project Athena Open Labs Will Test Next Generation Laptops

Intel is about to open up three laboratories in Taipei, Shanghai, Taiwan, China Folsom in California for testing the laptop components of the vendors. This would ensure that they paid attention to the specifications of Project Athena. The technology giant had first made the announcement regarding Project Athena at CES earlier in the year. The primary intention was to develop a brand new class of thin laptops. They would have a minimum of nine hours of use in the real world scenario. Add to that, there is the 5G connectivity available along with the capability to run AI technologies for attaining the level of productivity.

Intel said that Project Athena Open Labs will be the first step towards making the next set of Project Athena designs absolutely ready for the year 2020 and beyond. Basically, the Open Labs would serve as the gateway towards preparing for the upcoming designs for next year and ahead. It would provide a blueprint for the kinds of designs that everyone can hope to see on the laptops. People would understand the offerings that they would come up with. The manufacturers, as well as the developers of components, can submit some parts to the laboratories for carrying out an assessment. Intel would test them out under absolutely similar conditions. This will be done in order to get guaranteed consistency across the laptops of Project Athena that come from a different set of brands.

The Labs would start to accept components for carrying out tests in the weeks to come. They would formally open their doors up in June 2019. The company is hopeful of the fact that they would make sure that manufacturers begin to release the first set of laptops, which ate Athena-compliant sometime next year in 2020.

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