NASA To Study Space Radiation—Latest Study

For protecting their satellites orbiting in space, a rather small satellite will be bombarded by space radiation of all sorts by NASA. The SET project is set to launch by June 24, 2019, aboard a SpaceX rocket, It is intended to test their technology is called STP-2. This would be useful in studying weather conditions in space and the overall solar system, the way spacecraft are affected by radiation and ways to augment future spacecraft so that they can explore space better without worry.

Nicola Fox of NASA stated that these missions would help discover the best technology and right materials that would be useful in outer space. It would prevent launching space missions that can’t endure the environment.

Radiation from our Sun or deep space is capable of damaging hardware and software components of spacecraft and is a major hazard. SET is part of the DSX, a US Air Force mission which is among 4 payloads to be launched on STP-2. Van Allen zones will be targeted by this mission. It is complete with radiation trapped due to magnetic fields of the planet. Magnetic storms happen when solar winds occur or when the sun’s field connects with the Earth’s magnetic field causing a change in the Earth’s magnetic field and triggering various events.

Michael Xapsos of this project stated that it was difficult to gauge how weather measurement up there would be, which the reason was for this mission. Using SET data, NASA is hoping to make better protected and highly efficient spacecraft as well. They want to know that they have the correct amount of protection that defends against threats but at the same time, isn’t overkill. Fox stated that each kilogram costs a lot of money to be launched into space. Getting just the right amount of protection needed would help a lot.

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