OnePlus 7 Pro Is the Fastest Ever Android Phone

There are two new leaks for the upcoming OnePlus 7. They show that the handset indeed looks very exciting, both for OnePlus as well as for the slump that the smartphone market, in general, is going through. Greenbench has released the first piece of news, where they have published the first set of benchmark results for the OnePlus 7 Pro. It has even confirmed the earlier information about a 12GB RAM edition and also the fact that the phone would include the Snapdragon 855 processor. The multi-core score of 11,012 for the OnePlus 7 Pro has put the phone very close to the fastest ever phone, the iPhone XS Max.

On the Android Ranking Tables of Greenbench, the OnePlus 7 Pro lies in the first place for the multi-core test. Thus it is ahead of all the other competition. When it comes to the single-core test, the OnePlus 7 comes up in the fourth position. This goes on as a trend of the glowing test score for the OnePlus 7. Very recently, Display Mark had rated the display of this phone with the highest rating possible, which was A+. There are rumors, which suggest that there is a refresh rate screen of 90 Hz. This would surely impress the people from Display Mark. They are waiting until the phone comes up with their big revelation before they publish.

There are certain leaked photos also, which show two tempered glass display protectors for the OnePlus 7. It is indeed nice to see that there is a proper handle on the curved edges of the screen. Plus there are thin bezels along with the little square that pokes out of the top to keep the pop-up Selfie-camera absolutely safe. One thing would be really interesting to see how this works out with the motorized mechanism.

Dean High

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