The Future of Facebook Will Be Private

We are almost nearing the end of this decade and now the founder and CEO of Facebook said that he is set to rebuild the biggest social network based on privacy. On Tuesday, the Annual F8 Developer Conference of Facebook was held in Silicon Valley. Zuckerberg laughed on the joke about the organization’s constant deterioration of privacy reputation. Zuckerberg is quite optimistic about the possibility that over a period of time, Facebook would adopt privacy. Hence, it will also prove that privacy is not totally contrary to what the organization is at its core.

The whole event was primarily staged to assist Facebook in starting off with their new chapter. Thus, it would put an end to the era wherein the social media channel had virtually become synonymous with a list of failures. Those were regarding privacy matters, misinformation, and many more misdeeds. They are making an attempt to see whether they can push this fact to the forefront and conceal their failures. The most substantial move towards privacy is the offering of end to end encrypted messages across platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This would ensure that neither the employees of the organization nor their algorithms would get to see what is being exchanged in private messages any longer.

The F8 Conference of this year clearly promised to bring forth the biggest redesign for Facebook in 5 years along with a fundamental shift in how the company thinks about what they build. Zuckerberg said that Groups will be the center of attraction in the redesigning of Facebook. Still, questions remain as to how groups will deal with misinformation, hackers, criminals as well as spammer if they happen to be more private. So, basically, the announcement on Tuesday was filled with promise but still left many questions unanswered.

Lloyd Evenson

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