San Francisco Bans Sale Of e-Cigarettes, Including Online Sales

San Francisco becomes the first city in US to ban e-Cigarettes until the effects on health are clear. On Tuesday, the officials united and voted to ban all the stores selling e-cigarettes; even the online stores have been disallowed to deliver at any address in the city.

The most well-known producer of vaporizers in California is Juul Labs. They said that the ban may lead the smokers back to cigarettes which will create a boom in the black market. London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco, presently has 10 days to sign the order, although she signaled that she would sign it. After signing the order, the law would be enforced immediately for 7 months.

Activists against vaping have blamed these e-cigarettes companies for luring youths towards flavored products. The critics claim that a well planned investigation of the impact of e-cigarettes on the health of consumers is very much needed; as vaping can make the smokers take a U-turn back to smoking. The FDA issued guidelines to companies to apply for evaluation of their vape products till 2021. The deadline of August 2018 was set until FDA demanded more time to prepare for evaluation. So Dennis Herrera, the attorney of San Francisco, said that it is a great move which was mandatory because of the irresponsibility of FDA towards the serious consumption.

As per the reports from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of teenagers admitted to the hospitals for using nicotine increased up to 36% last year. Consumption of e-cigarettes is being considered for the raised numbers.

Juul has claimed that its only agenda is to reduce consumption of cigarettes by the people by alternating them with vaporizers of measured conjunction. Ted Kwong, Spokesperson of Juul said that the company has taken aggressive actions to keep the products out of reach of the under-aged and are defining more strategies for the same.

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