The Apple iPhone Of 2019 Might Contain a Secret Weapon

As per reports, Apple is planning to shake things up to the antennas of 2019 iPhone. They intend to do so by making major changes, which can add up to an improved wireless performance for the brand new set of smartphones. Though the iPhone of 2019 is not expected to have 5G feature, still the alterations that Apple is supposed to have implemented this year might prove to be quite beneficial for the short term. It is a fact that carriers, makers of handsets as well as consumers are all looking forward to the arrival of 5G in a widespread manner. Apple is also expected to hold off their plan to release a 5G phone till 2020 at the earliest.

It is believed to be a combination of intentional patience. This is due to the fact that Apple waits for 5G networks to build-out and for their service to become available to common people. Apple had pinned their hopes regarding 5G on the modems from Intel. Still, the recent litigation settlement has brought back Qualcomm into their supply chain. Now, Intel is making an exit into the 5G modern business and the chipset of Qualcomm is expected to provide power to the cellular division of the ultimate 5G iPhone. Prior to this, another jolt has been reported.

The iPhone of 2019 will make a switch from liquid crystal polymer antennas and get shifted to the modified technology of PI antenna. The transformation will be a kind of stopgap measure. It is expected that Apple would use LCP in new models of iPad. This is expected to come from late in the 4th quarter of this year. So, there is still a long way to go for antenna-gate and also for the valuable suggestion, which users were holding the iPhone wrong.

Dean High

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