Photographers Share Their Thoughts on the Nikon Z6

Photography is an art and a camera happens to be the tool, which helps photographers to be the best in it. Last year in the month of December, Editor of Engadget, who also happens to be a photographer, Steve Dent had spent some time with the full-frame mirror less model of Z6 from Nikon. Spending some time out with the model made him realize one fact. He felt that it was quite a serious competitor to the exceptional A7 III from Sony.

The Nikon Z6 managed to earn points on the basis of few factors. It carries a 24.5-megapixel sensor along with the shooting capability of 1080p and a 5-axis in-body stabilization. All of these features contributed to the Z6 getting points. There is a slot to insert a single card. Plus, there is a limited lens selection and slow autofocus tracking. Now, these happened to be the drawbacks as far as the model was concerned. To some extent at least, these negative points had taken the sheen away from the camera. Despite all these, the Z6 still managed to get a solid score of 89. According to Steve Dent, this particular model was surpassed in being the best only the A7 III.

Online publication houses, dealing with details with regard to gadgets like Nikon Z6, have put in a lot of effort towards examining what photography is all about. Now, since they have done that, they felt it be the ideal time to hear something about it from all those people, who are in this field of photography. It would be interesting to see all those photographers, who have made use of Nikon Z6, what did they really think of. Moreover, they would be ideal persons to say whether it is one of the best full-frame cameras in low light that exist.

Dean High

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