Man Suffers Serious Stroke While Cracking His Neck

A 28-year-old man named Josh Hader was having a sore neck. So he made an attempt to stretch his neck out. While doing so, in an accidental manner, went ahead to crack it. Right after this, he felt that the left portion of his body had started to go numb. Hader said that he had gone over to the kitchen to get an ice pack but he was unable to walk straight. Hence, he walked at an almost 45-degree angle to his left. Hader hails from Guthrie, Oklahoma and had suffered a serious stroke.

It was Dr. Vance McCollom, who had treated him at Mercy Hospital. The doctor said that the stroke was indeed quite life-changing for him but things could have been worse. When Josh had cracked his neck, he managed to tear the arteries that travel right down to the bone of the neck. The twisting of the neck had resulted in the bisection. When he got transported to the Mercy Hospital, he was kept in the intensive-care unit for four days before he got sent to inpatient therapy. Dr. Vance McCollom clearly said that on arrival at the hospital, Hader was suffering from weakness, numbness, dual vision and his left side had become totally numb.

The incident had taken place on 14th March. After going through a period of rehabilitation, now Hader is much better and living an independent life. He had to wear an eye patch for a number of weeks as his nerve had got injured. Hence it caused weakness to one of the muscles that went up to his eye. One of the side effects of stroke happened to hiccups. Dr. McCollom feels that the hiccups occurred just because of where the stroke had taken place, right at the base of his brain.

Jack Flores

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