Things to Know About the Outbreak of Measles in Southern California

There are cases of measles that have got reported at locations across the area of Los Angeles. Now, these cases have put residents under high alert. Recently two related instances at universities have even prompted health officials to implement quarantines. The public health officials of Los Angeles have declared the outbreak of measles in the county, which makes it the latest metro region to get affected by this illness. Let us take a look at the scenario in little more detail.

The health officials of Los Angeles County have said that 129 students of UCLA are quarantined on campus. The number is a little higher than the initial number of 117, who was held on Thursday. UCLA expects that all those who have been notified will get quarantined for around 24-48 hours till they provide proof of their immunity. Some even require to stay in quarantine for up to seven days. Health officials have even provided details on Friday with regard to CSULA. They say that 183 people over there still remain under individual orders of quarantine. A warning has also been issued for possibly three cases of measles exposures in the last two months in LAX.

Close to 90 percent of those who get exposed and not become immune to the illness can fall sick within one to three weeks after the exposure. The symptoms include fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, and red watery eyes. CDC says rash comes up within three to five after the symptoms show up. It appears as flat red spots on the face at the hairline and spread on to other body parts. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has stated that schools happen to be at high-risk for getting exposed because of the contact being frequent and prolonged.

Jack Flores

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