A Huge Asteroid Will Go Past Earth on 19th May at More Than 58000 MPH

An extremely imposing space rock or asteroid will swing by for paying a close visit to Earth. The asteroid, dubbed as 2019 JB1, is the formidable space rock, quite large enough to make even the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Statue of Liberty look tiny. JB1 has got classified as a near-Earth object. These objects are basically celestial bodies like asteroids or comets. They have got nudged by the gravitational attraction of planets nearby into orbits, allowing them to enter into the Earth’s neighborhood.

There are quite a number of Near-Earth Objects, which happen to pass through our side of the space on a regular basis. They frequently fly past Earth in their journey around the sun. Still, this is not the case for asteroid 2019 JB1. After having studied its trajectory, speed, as well as proximity to our planet, trackers of the asteroid at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, California, have managed to determine something significant. They said that this wandering space rock or asteroid will fly by our planet Earth only once. Then, after that, Asteroid 2019 JB1 would get vanished into the cosmos without making a return for the future to foresee.

One good thing is that people should not get alarmed. The close encounter that this asteroid will have with Earth is going to be a safe one. This is because it would only bring it within a few million miles of the surface of the planet. The asteroid is expected to fly past Earth late during the night of 19th May. At the speed of more than 58000 mph, this asteroid would make their closest approach to Earth at 11:21 pm ET. Basically, the distance from our planet would still be 4 million miles.

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