A Tree 2624 Years Old Is Found To Grow In a Swamp in America

Right along the Black River in North California, bad Cypress tress has been growing quietly for thousands of years. It is quite literally how the case stands. Scientists have recently managed to find trees, which are more than 2000 years old. Among them happens to be the one, which is at least 2624 years old. This has made the tree, the fifth-oldest known non-clonal tree in the world.

There is another tree nearby, which was found to be 2088 years old. Geoscientists are of the opinion that more number of bald cypresses in the Three Sisters Swamp might well be of the same age or they could turn out to be even older. A geoscientist named, David Stahle of the University of Aransas said that there are a number of trees at the Black River, which are more than 2000 years old. He said that this is his belief, there are some trees, which must be approaching the age of 3000 years. The fact that there is an ancient tree present in the region, has been known for a number of decades.

In the 1980s, Stahle along with his colleagues had discovered trees that were up to 1700 years old. This had led to the private purchase of 16000 acres by the North Carolina Nature Conservancy to help protect all these stately plants. This brand new discovery clearly pushes back the known age of the trees by almost a millennium. This discovery was made in the area of wetland, which was not previously visited by the research team. The trees are not just remarkable for their very old age but the rings of bald cypress trees provide a clear record of the rainfall during the time of the growing season of any given year.

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