Crackdowns of Lawmakers on Vaccine Exemptions Irritate Republicans

The fight against measles in few states is getting to face really staunch opposition from Republicans and Anti Vaccination parents. This is mainly happening because, lawmakers have started their crackdowns on exemptions, which let kids skip vaccinations. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention had reported that through Friday, there have been a total of 839 individual cases related to measles all over the 23 states. As a response, quite a number of states where measles have spread out, are trying to put a limit on the exemptions. Democrats are most leading the charge in these efforts.

The State of Washington has had in excess of 70 cases of measles during this year. On Friday, Democrat Governor Jay Inslee had signed a bill that happened to remove a philosophical or personal exemption from the requirement, which children receive the combined vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella before attending a school or day-care. A child can still manage to skip a vaccine for either medical or on religious grounds. The final bill was passed in the month of April. Still, it happened to be a contentious one right through the state House and Senate. Other versions of the bill were much more sweeping in scope but it finally settled on the removal of only the personal exemption for the MMR vaccine. Despite this, few people felt that it had interfered with the choice of a parent.

Last week, even the attorney general in Connecticut said that there was nothing that prevented lawmakers in the state from pursuing legislation. The kind of legislation, which would help in removing a religious vaccine exemption in the state. In Maine, a bill was passed through the state Senate, which would help remove philosophical exemptions but manage to keep religious exemptions for vaccination needs.

Jack Flores

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