Updates To Apple Watch Includes Feature To Safeguard Your Hearing

Apple Watch will receive its latest update this fall. Noise, an upcoming feature, will tell you if noise levels in a user’s immediate environment are high enough or capable of damaging hearing. Available in this software’s beta version, it could send a notification when the watch detected certain noise thresholds to be breached. WHO-recommended noise levels were used in this feature. These recommendations state that 5 hours, 2 hours, 30 minutes, 10 minutes and 3 minutes is the maximum amount of time you can listen to 80 dB, 85 dB, 90 dB, 95dB and 100 dB in a single day. Based on solid research and facts, these limits are reliable.

It is the user to receive notifications if the environmental volume exceeds the specified thresholds for more than 3 minutes. Apple Watch could also display dB readings live.

The normal environment near a computer had 34 dB while typing brought it up to 45 dB. Turning up the volume of music to 80+ dB is dangerous if the exposure exceeds 5+ hours per day. Permanent loss of hearing or a ringing sensation is what could follow if limits are not arduously followed.

The limit of 100 dB could be breached by simply whistling loudly into Apple Watch proximity. Staying in a similar environment for 3+ minutes will trigger notifications stating that sound levels were dangerously high, capable of damaging hearing. This widget could allow one to observe the peril of a few noise-pollution environments. Events like concerts could be checked for sound levels. If it showed recommended levels being breached, earplugs could be worn.

Wind or water can affect measurement accuracy, stated Apple. This could affect user experience during swimming or beach sessions. It also stated that sounds were not saved or recorded for measurement purposes, thus allowing privacy questions to be laid to rest.

Jack Flores

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