UK’s Meatless Farms To Carve A Slice Of The Flourishing US Market

A vegetarian based burger company from United Kingdom wants to get into the booming United States’ market and provide alternative for meat. The British company based in Leeds said on July 24ththat they have signed a contract where they would be selling products at Whole Foods for next six months beginning this summer. This startup company sells fake ground meat, sausages and burgers in various grocery shops throughout Britain.

Meatless Farms has also opened business in United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Hong Kong and Canada. Therefore, U.S is an obvious next choice said Robert Woodall, the CEO. In fact, they have planned to open an office in New York. Woodall who is a veteran of The Kellogg Company said U.S is one of the best markets when plant-based food is talked about. He even gave examples of the success of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Those brands have excelled by rising recently in restaurants and investors have been trying to get into the meatless trend.

Burger King announced they would launch their Impossible Whooper throughout U.S and the offering made by Beyond Meat was a big hit at the Wall Street. Beyond Meat had said that their first quarter sales were $40.2 million which is 215% more from the same time during last year. That also helped their stock price to get more than twice after an IPO in May.

These companies are helping out consumers who opt to eat healthy and lessen the harmful effects on the planet. Their latest range of products has been designed to attract meat lovers. Woodall said that Meatless Farms are different from other vegetarian based companies in the way that they focus on grocery stores instead of restaurants. The packaging is in fact made “family friendly” in order to leave a lasting impression on consumers. It also attracts young customers who are concerned about environment.

Jack Flores

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